By Sea

All products we provide comply with the ISO 8217:2005 Standard.

Marine Gas

Fuel Oil
RME 180

Fuel Oil
RMG 380

Fuel Oil
MFO 500



We operate in all the ports of Guatemala, El Salvador, and Panama, delivering MGO, IFOs, and marine lubricants by pipeline, tank truck or barges, depending on the availability of each location.

In addition we trade in Mexico, Belize, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, and the Caribbean.

Our portfolio of customers includes the main international traders and brokers and the US Department of Defense.

Port Operations

PETROMARINE is a sister company dedicated to bunkering operations. Product transfer is conducted using only company owned and company operated equipment. All operations are under total supervision and coordination of qualified personnel.

Transfer equipment was specially designed and constructed to conduct efficient bunkering operations. All pumping units are skid-mounted and diesel-driven to allow flexibility and easy deployment.

Pumping units include:
- 2 Centrifugal – 600 gpm each
- 5 Centrifugal – 800 gpm each
- 4 Poss Displacement – 400 gpm each

All our equipment has been designed, assembled and maintained in accordance with the highest industry standards.

Delivery Method

We deliver products continuously and simultaneously during the ship's operation at the dock.

The product is delivered using high-performance pumping equipment specially designed for bunkering operations.

All our truck drivers and crew members are formally trained and certified to guarantee the integrity of the operation.

Our operations are conducted in compliance with the industry's health, safety, and enviromental requirements as well as international security procedures.

All the equipment is included in an inspection and maintenance program including: