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PetroSolutions - Fuels

Commercial / Industrial Energy Solutions

PETROSOLUTIONS distributes commercial and industrial fuels in GuatemalaEl Salvador, Panama and Colombia, delivering diesel, gasolines, kerosene and fuel oil under the highest industry standards.

In addition we trade in Mexico, Belize, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, and the Caribbean.

Our fleet is formed by more than 60 tank trucks with capacities from 2,000 to 9,000 gallons to have the flexibility to serve the different segments of the market.

All the personnel are included in a certification and training program and constant D&A abuse monitoring. All the equipment is included in an inspection and maintenance program to guarantee the integrity of the operation and just-in-time deliveries.

We have operated retail service stations of Puma Energy and is actually under analysis for the operation of service stations of Texaco, Uno, and Shell in Guatemala, and Terpel in Panama.

Under the brands PetroServicios and PetroSolutions, GTGlobal Group distributes industrial fuels in Guatemala and Panama, respectively, transporting gasoline, diesel, kerosene and fuel oil to any kind of industry using a fleet of peddler-trucks operating under the highest industry standards.

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